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Apr 14, 2000 - Apr 15, 2000, LA

Date: Jun 12, 2000
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Please bring...
Positive energy, drums, tents, blankets, firewood,
an open heart and mind, and fun things to share

We will have water for sale, but you are welcome to bring your own.
One gallon per person per day is recommended for the desert.

We are looking forward to spending a magical night of dancing with
all of you.

Open Air

deS (Abovo Sound, Amsterdam)

Wyse (Interspace Records)

Ted (Close Encounters)

Darren (Close Encounters, Neo Sapiens)

Playing a four hour set...

SPACE TRIBE (Spirit Zone, Australia)


$15; $10 Presale available at Interspace Records US (818)342-KIND


US (310)784-4535

desert location 1,5 h from LA


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