Australia  Summer Dreaming Festival

Jan 14, 2000 - Jan 16, 2000

Date: Jun 12, 2000
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The Summer Dreaming Vision
As the global tribe migrates into summer - dreaming ov unity we
gather to dance. We invite you to come and express
your-individual-self this summer, at a festival in NSWís magical
forests. In a show ov unity this event is brought to you by the
combined creative resources ov many organisations and individuals.

For this very special occasion will bring together a once only
experience guided by some ov the Earths most renowned artists. A
part ov the growing global Earth-centred culture, whilst remaining
distinctly Australian in flavour. Set in the heartland ov New South
Wales, a landscape ov beaches, forests, mountains and rivers the
Summer Dreaming Festival is an annual event not to be missed. More
than just a party Summer Dreaming is our coming together
celebration and sharing, by like-minded people who want to bring
their Dreams ov peace into reality.

Rain, hail or shine we dance!

Summer Dreaming 2000
This year Summer Dreaming will feature two staging areas, mixing
the best in global trance with some up front beats and techno. This
second arena will be directed by our event partners Melbourne
Underground Development who do the Every Picture Tells A Story
events (1-18) in Melbourne, Victoria.

The site for Summer Dreaming 2000
The venue for this mythical adventure is Grabine Lakeside Park, an
unique area ov land on the lakes foreshores. This area is teeming
with Australias amazing wildlife: kangaroos, walabies, wombats,
parrots, lizards and birds.

Open Air

LIVE: Charlie McMahon (Didge - Australia); Ju Ju Space Jazz (Matsuri, Australia); Space Tribe (Spirit Zone - Australia); TR Storm (Australia); Grey Area (PSY Harmonics - Australia); Pound System (Australia); Voiteck (Australia)
DJS: Tsuyoshi Suzuki; Adam Freeland (Costal Breaks - UK); Mark Allen; DJ Antaro (Spirit Zone - Germany); Ree.K (Japan); DJ Masa (Japan); Greg Roberts (Dread Zone - UK); Danny Briottet (Renegade Soundwave - UK); DJ Anti (Spiral Trax - Sweden); Ray Castle (Australia); Ollie Olsen & Andrew Till (PSY Harmonics - Australia); Adam O'Hana (Burning Man - USA); Jon Little & DJ Blah (Homegrown - UK); Neuro Flapjack (PEEK - UK); Jamin (Australia); Visceral (Australia); Toupee (Australia); Luna Orbit & Luke Psywalker (Australia); Organica (Australia) ï Abel (Australia); Michael MD (Australia); Global Chillage (Australia)

Grabine Lakeside Park

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