Cyber Funk Christmas Eve 2002 Event

Event Review & Tsuyoshi Suzuki Interview

Author: sequential-x
Date: Dec 30, 2002
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December 30, 2002 - Text: Sequential-X

We arrived at the Christmas event of the Cyberfunk team just in time to hear Tsuyoshi Suzuki who probably most of you are very familiar with. A legendary trance figure that abandoned the scene some years now to start a new musical life in homeland Japan. There was no queue at the front door by the time we arrived and we quickly got in. We ordered some drinks just to get us warm and we were amazed to find that the cost was only 10 euros, that is a very good price if you ask me for Christmas eve.


The place was packed with people dancing and having a good time without any bad ass attitude happenings. At around 3:30 (if I remember well) Tsuyoshi took over the decks delivering some very familiar (for those who still listen to his music) phunk beats with 80's leads and rocky vibe. Yeah, that is the typical Joujouka sound we all love and like. Partying like crazy, the crowd was really into the sounds of Mr. Suzuki, with me smiling and thinking that I was right about telling that people can get into new sounds if you know how to serve these sounds to them.


The only down flow I can find in that night is that the boys where much more that the girls but that real nice fairy that did some fancy dancing moves made up for it. Yes well read, being Christmas eve means that the organizers can spend some money further and there was a dance show with both male and female dancers. As the night was rolling, the beats where getting tougher and funkier at the same time, leading the floor into a dancing frenzy. I must search pretty good in my head to find a night that I really had so much quality time. I wish organizers could trust more people that are not afraid to shake the waters and play some different music.


Tsuyoshi road tested some new tracks from Joujouka plus some Feedback Recordings (I must admit I didn't know that Feedback Recordings was Tsuyoshi's new label despite the fact that I have both twelves from Feedback) past and forthcoming singles and judging from the crowd response, I believe the new comers will be big sellers (some copies are lying over to Discobole for those interested).


At around 6:30 we had to leave due to a leg fatigue (it his hard to dance all night with a piece of glass deep inside your leg) but the thing is that we left with a smile, feeling cool and not at all bored. Overall it was one of the best parties of my life and surely the best I've been this year. Of course that has to do with the fact that the guest DJ was really a favorite DJ of mine that played music that is in my field of interest… At this finishing point I would like to thank Andreas for his hospitality, the DJs of the night (especially Mr. Suzuki for the vibes plus the interview) for the musical background… and the fairy for the optical show ;)

Merry Christmas and a happy new year !!!

My greatest wishes,


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