SOLA LUNA 2002 impressions

Author: acidburn_d
Date: Aug 5, 2002
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Aug 5, 2002 - Text: acidburn_d

SOLA LUNA 2002 took place this year at Skotina Pierias, Camping Olympus 26-29 July.The camping was huge, with beautifull high trees surrounding us providing protection from the sun during the day and a beach. The festival was great but at the second day int the morning (about 5 pm) rain started that lasted almost 2 days!!! The psychedelic stage experienced technical problems the second night with the electricity power and also with the local police. So it moved to the techno stage, playing techno and psychedelic vise-versa. This was not so good both for psy and techno funs. The most of the crowd left the festival at the second day because of the heavy rain and also almost all the DJs of the second night -:(. For those who were patient (including me), at the third day afternoon the rain stopped and we were happy to dance the fourth day morning with Infected mushroom, Oforia and Star Sound Orchestra and leave the festival with a smile -:). Dont worry SOLA LUNA next year there wont be any rain and everything will be perfect.

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