Cyberphunk Party with James Monro & Joti Sidhu

Monday 26th of February

Author: Sequential-X
Date: Feb 26, 2001
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Cyberphunk Party with James Monro & Joti Sidhu

Monday 26th of February

We arrived at the venue at 9:00 o'clock, we waited a bit at the door where this time the usual and friendly face of that cute blond girl was replaced by a snob cold creature dressed in jeans. We belong to the trance scene, people supposed to be warm... Anyway we got in and Kostas (Spiral) was playing at that time. Kostas was spinning his usual stuff, mixing quite good the tunes (mainly from the wheels of steal) and warming up the crowd.

Second to follow was the first guest, James Monro, James kicked in a progressive vibe playing some awesome tech-trance stuff with looped techno basslines and some really groovy percussion... but every good thing must have an end (of course this is my point of view, others may disagree) and James gradually moved into more dancefloor friendly vibes, the crowd responded and suddenly the floor packed in.

Monro kept playing the usual 3 notes rotor sounds of now and people had a great time moving and dancing, everyone in its own unique way. Speaking of the crowd, the venue was packed (Joti is actually a big star in here) and people were up to it, dressed more casually than past times. The percentage of funky wiggling booties was scoring in high times too.

Next was Joti with a pretty dancefloor killer track in his introduction he won immediately the floor as more harsh tracks kept getting out of hit hat. Unfortunately we couldn't hear Joti's set in full coz' we had to leave early. But we managed to say some things with James Monro.

Since the other time when we talked about the Flying Rhino future vision this time we talked about new born freestyle label offshot FR Freestyle. James told us that he has some strong releases in the pipeline including people from both progressive and new schools break scenes. Big names like Sasha, Adam Freeland and others are about to join the Rhino set of releases and the label will grow in the near future (unfortunately we can talk more about it). FR freestyle has a music policy of... anything, James told us that they will cover all music spectrums and styles releasing styles as diversed as Dub. For more on this, check the FRFreestyle 001 12"/CD

single Rumble by Boom Devil, a laid back ambient track with vocals. A very nice track (I mean it, this has nothing to do with promotion) which even includes a dancefloor smash hit in the form of ... on both the CD and Vinyl releases.

As for Joti he promised an inter(net)view so we look forward to it. Only news from Joti's side is that Atomic Reactor, a new label by Ben Watkins (of Juno Reactor fame) and Joti Sidhu will release more techno and deep stuff. That's all folks and I hope u had a good time we certainly enjoyed the venue... :-)

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