Zambia report

short review

Author: tom rom
Date: Nov 3, 2001
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what was better than 1999 in Hungary: more showers (if they worked), better
and well placed toilets and maintanance, compact easy-to-walk area, prices
were quite expensive but still ok (though 4 U$ for a lentil-soup is too
much), the organization worked better in general, very friendly security,
nice swimming pool, shady dancefloor, good supply of everything, no police,
nicely decorated chill out, money changing worked good, nice market area,
nice camp ground, well-made folder about the festival (though the line-up

what was worse than 1999 in Hungary: no real message board, much less deco,
less people (can be taken as good or bad?), line-up was wrongly chosen (how
can an african singer-group play in the evening around 8 p.m.? - would've
been better in the afernoon), folk live-acts around midday brought everybody
down, why a dub night for psy-trance-freaks? (williams will?!), the water
run out in the morning is unexcusable, a too long break after the eclipse,
too dusty on the dancefloor (*cough*), no water during many days, the
dancefloor was prepared for 10.000 people instead for 4.000, deco too
scattered, too often changes in the line-up, GMS didn't show up, aggressive
people were not removed from the dancefloor/from the party (I almost got
into a fight with a stupid and drunk asshole - the same guy fighted also at
the afterparty in jungle junction/Bovu-Island)

all together: it was a great party and a lot of work organizing all this in
the middle of nowhere, but: both morocco 2000 and Solipse 1999 had a lot
more feeling, although both festivals were worse organized than solipse 2001.

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