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Author: Bushava Azbuka
Date: Mar 19, 2001
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mar 19, 2001


Real name Daniel Dimitrovski.
Macedonia's top DJ. Over 300 parties. Plays dance & ambient stuff. Mostly
trance (all sorts of it) but a lot of other things in his bag.

"Dani kicked off proceedings, starting off with some nice groovs, then
slowly picking up the pace, building up the growing crowd..."
Inplant Magazine, UK

"Danis musik ist deep."
Conny for Mushroom Magazine

"Very nice set!"
Mike Maguire

"Very good material. For the moment is with no doubt the best demo in our hands."
Dreamlab, the Chill out zone of the Boom Festival 2000

Part of "underground" since his first band as a drummer in 84. Punk, post
punk, gothic, metal, "indi" stuff, industrial, early psychodelia, early electronic music...
Early '89 until '91 creator of the first underground music show on
the main national radio. Very big thing then. Program called "Maximum
When now cult "103" radio starts to work in '91 went to London, join a band,
he did one album, one 7",10",12", collaboration, European tour, 1000 of gigs...
On first Tribal gathering realize that the trance tent was the future.
'95 Back in Skopje, living for 5 months in the nature far from
civilization (kind of...) but after he continue radio thing as a part of
"103" radio (teaching the young listeners history...) The summer with Boris (AFA
decor) and Bozo "the juggler" discover the open air goa parties in Greece
and starts partying again. Drop the "history" program on "103"
radio and starts to play only trance. "You know how it is... first kick from
the "Goa" scene... amazing."
Starts organizing his parties, dj-ing a lot as the only psychedelic trance
dj in the country... After 6 months that was it...
Trance is the biggest in Macedonia compared with other sorts of music.
Great things still going on...

In the moment, plays at least once a week all around, bringing so many DJ's
from everywhere in Macedonia, making music with DJ Oggy Doggy under the
name of "Melt", holding 3 radio shows per week on "103" radio: Ambient
(Sunday 18:00 - 20:00), Trance (Monday 20:00 - 22:00) and Freak Style
(Tuesday 13:00 - 16:00).


Ask for all sorts of demos recorded live from parties.
Wants to travel and will bring quality DJ's in Macedonia.
Organized parties and played with Tsyjoshi Suzuki (Matsuri), James Monro
(Flying Rhino), Fred Giteau (POF), Dino Psaras (Atomic), Axel (Spirit
Zone), Max & Mauricio (Ethnica), Anti (Spiral Trax), Miranda, Alfa & Sam
(Chaishop.com), Kai Mathesdorf, Mat Mushroom (Mushroom Magazine), Wadl &
Chris (Nephilim) and almost everyone from Yugoslavia, Greece and Bulgaria.
Played also with Goa Gill, Yaniv (Hatshot), Marck Allen (Quirk), Mike
Maguire (Juno Reactor), Pena (Flow), Edoardo (Microbiotic), etc.

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