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Author: Jeff Whitmore
Date: Dec 8, 2007
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Land of the free gatherings: USA

A growing body of evidence suggests that the origin of the name America was not the Italian explorer Amerigo as most believe. A new etymological theory reveals that "America" came from the Mayan word Amaruca, literally translated as the "Land of the Plumed Serpents".

The psychedelic spirit is picking up steam in the birthplace of Goa Gil, hippy culture, rock & roll, and the Internet. 2012: The Return of Quetzalcoatl author Daniel Pinchbeck is getting press as the New Psychedelic Guru. "The times have been darkening recently because of President Bush's idiocy, and some are realizing the potential of psychedelics to wake up humanity," says Alex Grey, the psy artist, a friend of Pinchbeck's. "As we come closer to a kind of apocalyptic culture, psychedelics give us an opportunity to look through a lens into our own mind and reflect where we want to steer our future."

 Against this backdrop, psytrance now thrives in the middle of the country including the birthplace of house and techno, Chicago. With this bridge between coasts, little bubbles of trance are popping up in many new places. Musically, the scene has been growing with new artists and new labels being created to meet the demand of the now growing worldwide market. US artists like Chromatone, Penta, Mubali, Random, Mindstorm, Ocelot, The Nommos, Bodhisattva 13:20 are all finding a lot of support globally and back home, new acts like Amanda, Arahat, Alien Mental, Xyla, Sanayama, Helios and Meta.

In Los Angeles, Psytribe continue to hold it down for la familia and several members are now producing music. Mindfull is the new Dark Psy contingent and held several gatherings in the desert. Green Sector host events all over the place as well as at home on the ranch. They also transported their crew to the 2nd Annual Symbiosis Gathering to provide support for the event. This is the progression of Psytrance in America; bringing together organisers from populated Trance centers to create multi-day, multi-genre, multi-verse experiences. Northern Cali continues to expand and diversify. Many small events going on simultaneously with 100- 400 folks on a nearly weekly basis. Crews include: Family, G.O.A. Play/Symbiosis Crew, Raw Heaven, Tantra, Drop Out, Psybooty, Outpost 23, Secret Psychedelia, and Synchronize.

 In Seattle, Infinite Connections has been doing a series of Iosis Art Parties that have featured some of the world's top progressive psy acts while Environmental Structures focuses on the darker sounds. In Portland, Apollo's Lute's former members, N.E.T., Catharsis Crew, Synergy Productions, Sidetrakkt & others have organized events in the past. In Texas, the vast expanse of the lone star state reveals wonderful locations for intense stomping such as wooded ranches deep in the heartland or desolate beaches along the gulf coast. The future looks bright for bushcountry as crews, DJs & artists are evolving faster than you can say "bring 'em on.” Overmindworks trances in the Arizona desert. The Midwest resonated with Chilluminati, Psymbolic, Trance Psyndicate, Divine Balance, Oxygen Rec, DB Sonic Healing Initiative and Entheon Village.  Iowa had Subconscious Collective's "MAGE 3" and MindOutpsyde.  Missouri's Mindlicker dome graced the midwest "InterFuse" burn. GoaHead and Cosmic Traveler rocked Ohio.

The East Coast entered its 10th year in 2006. Reality Engine does Alex Grey's events at the Chapel of Sacred Mirrors (COSM). Alladin Project hosted Goa Gil and 55 Lex, 28th Day, 6362 Metaforce, TDC, Burning Lotus, A.M. Bionik Universe, DMT, PSI, Adam/Ian/Jowe, Konvocation, Gaian Mind, Psyforia and Tsunami are all local players.  North Carolina's Touch Samadhi crew had their Powow and Florida and Atlanta are starting to heat up, with Psy rooms now at most raves. 

Finally, the greatest show on Earth, Burning Man in the Nevada desert, celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2006.





Jeff Whitmore


Date: Dec 18, 2007
Text: Jeff Whitmore
Photos: Sergi ad Dharma
Taken from: "Trancer's Guide to the Galaxy 2007 magazine"


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