Welcome to the land of smiles

The trance scene in Thailand

Author: Captain Nemo
Date: Dec 8, 2007
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Welcome to the land of smiles - Thailand

The land of smiles, with its beautiful and benevolent nature, makes it easy to feel at home and is an extremely comfortable place to be. The friendliness of the people, great food and nature has been attracting those in search of paradise for many years.

Psytrance was brought to Thailand from travelers that stopped over on their way to Goa and soon backpackers started flocking to Koh Phangan, the Island of “The Beach”. This was more than 20 years ago and what began with two speakers and a tape deck, as a goodbye party for a Westerner during a full moon, has since become South East Asia’s party island.

Today, Koh Phangan plays host to most of the country's Psy parties; the most famous of these being the Fullmoon parties held along Had Rin beach. One of the longest running sound systems is that at Tommies bar where DJ Jr, known for his harder tunes, is still the original resident and is joined by DJ Denny from Hong Kong and international guest DJs.

After the Fullmoon parties, the biggest event is the semimonthly Halfmoon party. As well as the excellent resident DJs Jao, Pat, Psyfrog and Note, there is an ever-changing lineup of international guests bringing in new sounds from around the globe.

Then there is the Blackmoon party organised by DJ Leung and held directly on the beach. DJ Sabai Sabai, well known in Europe for his festival performances, is a resident here and alongside DJ Koi and DJ Johnny and their visiting friends they provide a memorable evening of psychedelic sounds and surf.

The Pirates Bar in Shri Thanu is another venue set in a perfect location on the beach that is reached by crossing a wooden bridge. DJ PsyKp and guests deliver pumping Progressive and wicked Psychedelic Trance.

If you want to celebrate Psy with an enthusiastic, mainly Japanese/ Caucasian crowd, then the strictly psychedelic Shiva Moon parties are a good place to go. Held in another beautiful location, its residents DJ Satwah, DJ Katsumi, Sanuk and DJane Venus Vibes are regularly joined by friends from afar and manage to retain much of the original vibe.

If that still isn’t enough to choose from then there are still the Ban Sabai Day Parties with their nicely decorated location by the beach belonging to DJs Leung and Johnny.

Unfortunately the countries capital Bangkok recently lost one of its leading Psy spots, the Ooze Bar. However it is still home to the DJ Centre which is not only a booking agency for DJs Nin, Minoom and Goa Gum, but a great place to get equipment too.

For those that can make it to Thailand over New Year’s, the Greenspirit Festival is without a doubt the country's best known NYE party. A dream come true, protected by the shade of a rubber tree plantation in the idyllic setting of Krabi, this International gathering boasts a top lineup. This year Silicon Sound, Mr Peculiar, Azax Syndrome, Psysex, Manussa, Space Tribe and Freakulizer are all on the list and it promises to be one of those events that everyone who’s there will remember.


  • Avoid dodgy people and drugs! This is Thailand, where drugs are unwanted and punishment is harsh.





Captain Nemo

Longtime dancing DJ, sound producer & live act, visual artist, writer and philosopher

"May all being be happy "

Date: Dec 10, 2007
Text: Captain Nemo
Photos: Captain Nemo
Taken from: "Trancer's Guide to the Galaxy 2007 magazine"


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