Velkro & Ido Ophir - Symphony/Warehouse

Sprout, November 2007

Author: pr0fane
Date: Dec 5, 2007
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Review by:
Jannick Andersen // DJ pr0fane (Iboga Records)

Artist: Velkro & Ido Ophir
Title: Symphony/Warehouse
Label: Sprout
Format: MP3/12\"
Released: November 2007


Velkro is a new duo making a mix of electro, minimal and tech house. Now, why is this release reviewed on a site mainly focusing on psychedelic trance music, you might wonder, and the answer is quite simple: Behind the name Velkro we find two Brazilians who are very well-known in the psychedelic trance scene for many years. One is Gabriel Serrasqueiro, who probably is the most well-known Brazilian producer, known for being part of highly successful projects such as Wrecked Machines, Brain XL, Dual Head and Growling Machines. The other is Marcello V.O.R., who is known not only as one of the best DJ\'s to come out of the Brazilian scene, but also as part of the full on project 2Hi. As if that weren\'t enough, on this release Velkro teamed up with another psychedelic trance heavyweight, Ido Ophir from Israel, probably best known as being part of the project Domestic, but also projects like Dual Head and Private Taste.

As if this wasn\'t promising enough, their debut two-track release was picked up by no less than D-Nox for his label Sprout. Well, enough with the hype - let\'s see what these guys can do together when they go bellow 128 BPM.

01. Symphony [127 BPM]
\"Symphony\" is the more delicate of the two tunes, with a crisp and trendy, rolling tech house groove, sprinkled with some lovely, bouncy minimal percussion. It\'s not all classy technoid music though - the soul is treated with some delicate melodic touches, which I clearly associate with some of the cream of the crop from Border Community. Neo-trance, as some might call it - I just call it nice music.

02. Warehouse [126 BPM]
The aptly titled \"Warehouse\" brings us to the jam-packed dancefloor of a dirty, underground club, with its raw appeal and hard-hitting, relentless groove. Yes, this is surely peak time dancefloor material - a strong and punchy tech low-end but also with minimal, quirky percussion to give it some extra edge. My favourite of the two tunes.

Bottom line:

Well, this is certainly a high quality release. This is already being supported by the top DJ\'s, as well as earning top spots on the charts at - and this is certainly no wonder, as this is definitely up there among some of the better releases in the tech house genre this year. I\'m especially thrilled to hear that one of my old full heroes, Gabriel Serrasqueiro, can make something else than the karaoke full on he is making with Growling Machines nowadays.

In short: Two great tracks - one super release.


1 (!), 2 (!!)




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