V/A Soundwaves from Laugh And Dance Records

Reviewed by Philip Assarson for Zero Magazine

Author: Philip Assarson
Date: Nov 29, 2007
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Date: 29.11.2007
Text: Philip Assarson

Laugh And Dance Records second compilations album Sound Waves continue in the same direction as The Hidden Dimension Compilation. The Sound Waves Compilation is filled with Powerful & melodic FullOn Trance which gives the listener that good & phat punch in the guts, over & over again. Scandinavian Full On really rocks your socks of.LAD continues this good old Gothenburg tradition with their releases of high quality Scandinavian Full On. Swedish electronic music is highly valued on the international scene. I am convinced that these good old traditions will continue in the same way that we are used to by now. Laugh And Dance has once more shown that Swedish Full On is something to rely on.
7 SoundWaves escapes the Speakers

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