Police raid at Freaky Dragons festival

`It was like in a war zone...┬┤

Author: Luna
Date: Sep 5, 2007
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Police raid at Freaky Dragon festival

After the Drops Reflections couldn`t take place, such festival disasters seem to happen more often. Not only the one day Shamanik in Portugal, but also the Freaky Dragons/ Spain set a terrifying climax in this series. Apperently, the organisers did not have an authorization and the Spanish police took horrifying action.

Remy, a visitor, reports: It was like a war zone! There were about 20 police vehicles and trucks to demolish the entire festival, so we were afraid and decided to sit on the road so that no more trucks would get in.... The Guardia Civil was fully equipped with anti-hooligan force, batons, shields, masks and they started to punch us while we where only sitting down. The organisers feel as if they have become a puppet in between the hands of liberal and fascist politicians and will take judicial action against the local autorities and the Spanish Guardia Civil.

They call on you to send your testimonies from what you have witnessed or seen to:


We do not know what exactly happened behind the scenes in the run-up and like always the blame is passed, but the aggressive action of the police is beyond all question.
What do you think about this incident? How should we react in the future? Only have small parties to avoid such horror?

It is a pity that such incidents drag the whole scene into the mud and cast a damning light on all those, who plan their parties with so much enthusiasm, heart and soul.

Text: Luna

Article taken from mushroom-online.com

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