Author: J.M.VonKotterhausen
Date: Jan 25, 2006
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J.M. VonKotterhausen







date: 01/25/2006

text: J.M. VonKotterhausen

Kotter is an visual artist from the USA. Here´s what he says about himself as artist and his work:

"I have become a serious artist only more recently in my life.
I had always first considered myself a student of philosophical arts and something of a troublemaker.
Roaming free but in constant hardship, I had kept a journal to record the things I had learned along the way. Through the course of a decade and some small change (chronological time), what I had come to know largely as 'Life Unknown' had somehow cracked the code to penetrate my purely athiestic and hardcore cynical frame to grant
passage into a new view of the world.
The experience was a permanent radical shift in perception on a once jaded path of isolation - here, everything was connected, matter was only a happenstance of something
less practical and far more personal - my being had shifted into what is also only more recently confirmed to me as the transpersonal realm of a breathing, holographic universe
I later began reading about as something called 'the transcendental object'...
After a death in my family had moved me from wandering house to house amongst the cornfields of Northern Illinois to my home now in Georgia, I immediately went to work on
the visual outpour of what now was pent up inside me, preparing the rush flood of interdimensional transmissions that I've come to lightly refer to as 'sloppy rainbow orgy bombs'.
A couple of paintings and graphic programs later, the Soularis Orbit Vortex was born, which I share freely as a gift to all who might come to my 'cyber temple'. As a result, a
cognitive and potent outlet to Energy Being is readily available. As my visitors feed off me, I in turn am fulfilled. This principle is an example I am incorporating at all times into my ceaseless interpretations of the rebirth principle as directly becoming a vessel to the voice of a living and infinite Nature. Most currently, I am working alongside the 'Atlanta Psy' psytrance outfit to pioneer the consciousness expansion movement in the southeastern states, and involved with the transformUS southeastern burning man community. I am now teaching myself what I call animAE VJ work to be more effective. There are .gif examples at my website, but I'm now
in the busy process of upgrading my interpretations to full-length flash movies.
The real trick will be to avoid causing seizures, and get my rom burner working again!"

Peace, Kotter




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