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Author: filter
Date: Oct 13, 2005
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Date: Oct 13, 2005
Text: filter

Dark Prisma was founded by Megalopsy members z1P and Filter. z1P was always looking for ways to promote upcoming artists playing with Megalopsy and now preparing for his solo project Frantic Noise, he was always there to promote new music and new artists. Filter has also dedicated a lot of his time in developing the scene in Argentina, with his site Psytrance.com.ar, his parties were he brough international artists and playing as a dj and live with Megalopsy in several events in Buenos Aires and other cities in Argentina.

Our releases will be dedicated to the music from this unknown territories, fresh and brand new psychedelic trance that will surprise listeners all around the world and give a new hope to the scene, which is not falling apart, only changing everyday and bursting with new artists, djs and dancers.

Our first release is called Amalgama, a 100% argentinian psytrance compilation including artists such as Megalopsy, Mindprobe, Pragmatix and Durbamata, as well as solo projects from Megalopsy and collaborations.

The cd has already been released in Argentina and will start do be distributed worlwide shortly. You can check out information about the release visiting this link


we hope to give a new hope to the psychedelic trance scene offering a new perspective from latin american to the rest of the world and the universe! enjoy our releases!

Visit our website at

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