Various - Hyper Spatial Chrysalis (Ketuh)


Author: Damion
Date: Aug 4, 2005
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Date: Aug 4, 2005
Text: Damion
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Vote: 8/10

Ketuh’s P-Mac ventures to Australia and hangs out with the Triptamind bunch, a motley crew of smut peddlers and prostitute traffickers. Okay that’s NOT true, they’re a party organisation, who also played host to psyreviews earlier this year, and who I also hope will see the funny side of the piece of slander you have just read. While their parties offer all slices of the psychedelic orange (or plant drug), Hyper Spatial Chrysalis represents the section that crosses over with Ketuh’s output. Psychoactive’s Crazy Cabby launches straight off with a 51st State sample, then dropping into darkish fullon. It’s very tight and very nice, the midrange drives it along nicely and when the twist-signal comes in at the end it’s exhilarating stuff. The very promising Australian outfit Hefty Output, one of psyreviews’ current favourites, do very well with WTF? Rmx, with a sonderfully twisted line dropping in after a couple of minutes, and getting more menacing as it goes along. Unbelievable stuff – memorable, kooky, shit-kickin’. Sycophant’s Life and Death Rmx has a hectic and unbalanced sound, until it drops into a seriously kickass groove: think down n’ dirty without being full of isra-hell causticness. A collaboration between SunGirl and Iron Madness will arouse interest just on paper (or monitor), and Buddhist Pyramidi is serious shiznit. Crunchy as you like, with a cracking timestretch-chaos breakdown that drops beautifully… bloody good shit. 10/10 for this one, an utter f*ing rinser of a tune, and one that’s so much better than even the sum of its collaborators’ parts. Pondscum’s Style Stalker limps a little, still focussed but without the energy of the other here, such as Paranoize’s Deception, a very tight little record with a controlled and measured buildup, that really sucks you in to what it’s doing. Which is, to develop into an utter frenzy, with a great couple of dropped beats after the breakdown. Class. Psyboriginal’s Spirited Way has a great brwakdown in the middle, “something is coming – I wonder what?” before the mother of all noises filters in. Yummy. It kicks up some serious dust, this one, peaking with a dazzlingly Goan final run. Finally we’ve got Killer Buds with Biogenese, to be honest it could be any of their tracks (you’ll know what I mean if you heard their album.) That sustained, escalating noise is all over the place, the bass bumbles bumbles bumbles, and then a couple of chessy riffs ENOUGH!! Do not let this evil track spoil the rest of this compilation!! There’s some seriously amazing stuff on offer here, the good bits are absolutely blinding and tracks 1 thru 8 all have a tight, delectable sound to them which makes it well worth investigating.

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