Para Halu - The World Of Peace (Parvati)


Author: Damion
Date: Aug 4, 2005
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Date: Aug 4, 2005
Text: Damion
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Vote: 8/10

Cor. This is a bit tasty. Two chaps from Hungary produce music that’s psychedelic in the same way that you might say Squarepusher was: bonkers, with little regard for boundaries and a generally schizophrenic approach to writing music. The album starts smoochy with First Track, not in any sort of rush. It drops into a great groove, a wibbly bass comes from nowhere, dark noises fleet in and out of the top and middle. It gets wonkier and very psychedelic as it goes along, with lots of shifting about. The Invisible Hunter kicks off with the full twist: meaty, moody, gritty. It goes slightly breaksy, teasing you, the drops into a 50-foot pit of gorgeousness, with a sprinkling of hellishness thrown in. Very tight. Siren’s Function runs sketchy and frenetic with lots of changes, and Creatures of the IGY is pure twisted acidhouse bliss. A wonderful lysergic breakdown with an awesome sound to it… it literally drips out of your speakers, before crushing in with an amazing sort of freestyle-disco vibe. Class. The World Of Peace chills things down nicely, ritalin percussion with some cute pads over the top, before things pick up pace again with Domination, back into 4-4 and building nicely with nice midrange up to full warp factor. Demon’s Mother is very, very meaty – it may lack the inventiveness evident elsewhere here, save at around the four minute mark when things get nicely glitchy. Animachine is pure evil: creepy and very, very quirky. It makes Azax Syndrom sound like Justin Timberlake. Basically. Let The Peace Control (Your Body) is divine, just brilliant. A shuffled intro gathers momentum and launches into a cruisy four-four, with a screaming deranged topend. Phew. Finally, Made On Planet Earth is proper job dirty stuff, counterbalanced by a soaring, tongue-in-cheek melody that pops in for the midsection, then stands back to allow a squelchy, acidy stompfest to take it to the outro. The World Of Peace is tight, frantic and full of surprises. This is an addictive, quirky little album that you can’t help but feel affection towards, a bit like a mad bloke you only ever see at parties but when you do, he talks the most adorable codshit you could possibly imagine.

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