Interview with Lish (Iboga Records)

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Date: Mar 10, 2011
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The duo has just released their 3rd album, and here's an interview with the two Israeli producers.

Hi there guys. Just to get things started, could you start out with a short introduction about who's behind the LISH project?

The two guys behind the Lish project are Lior Maimon & Shay Tiab from Israel.

How did you get into the whole electronic music thing and production?

We studied in the same high school and connected through our love to electronic music.

In 1995 we started to create our own music. Around 1998 the name Lish came up, and we started to send promos to different labels. In 2000 we signed to U.S.T.A (a.k.a Krembo Records), and in February 2002 we released our debut album named "Dejavoodoo".

You started out making harder, psychedelic trance music, but in later years your sound has certainly become slower and more rounded. How do you define your music? And what is its purpose?

It's very hard to define our style of music, because we always change our influences and it directly affects our music.

These days we define our music as a blend of progressive house, tech house and everything else we like to listen to. We believe that as a band we need to keep on changing and developing our style, and not just repeat the same formula over and over again.

We have always been attracted to sophisticated music and progressive style. Therefore, you can find different styles and tempos in each track or album, even if it still sounds as typical Lish sound.

Can you put a finger on when, how and why your sound changed from the harder stuff to what you're associated with now?

In the beginning our music combined techno with psychedelic trance. The first album is the most psychedelic one. A few years later, before our second album "Free Fall" released, we polished our sound production and used more melodies. It was pure progressive trance, which we can find today at parties as the main act. These days our influence has changed again, and our next album will be deeper, groovier and slower, but we still keep the trance music motives in it.

The electronic music scene changes all the time and it affects us as well. The differences between the genres have become so small that it's hard to tell what kind of genre you listen to in each track. It has taken us some time to getting used the changes and you can say that our album is a conclusion of this quest.

You've been on the electronic music scene for a long time now. Have you reached a point where you're able to make a living from your music?

Yes. This is what we have been doing for a living for the last decade, but like all other things in life we have ups and downs. We keep on working hard and keep trying to invent ourselves over and over again with new music for our fans and listeners.

Looking back, which of your tracks are you most proud of?

We are proud of every track we have released. Sometimes we really appreciate it also weeks, months or even years after w’vee created it. Some of these tracks are: "Consciousness", "The Light" with Ace Ventura, "Fresh", "Dirty Feelings", "Sea side hills", "Slow Me Away" "Running Away" etc.

Are there any of your older tracks that you aren’t proud of, or even some that make you cringe when you hear them now?

Sometimes when we listen to an older track, we aren't proud of the sound production. You can always improve on the production, but in the end it’s the people who decide if it's good or not. Since we're still here, we think it proves that we did a good job after all.

I guess some people still request that you play some of your older, harder stuff. How do you feel about that?

It puts a smile on our face to hear that people really love our first tracks, or that they have special memories with our music. It means a lot to us and just pushes us to make more good music and maybe make remixes to our older tracks.

Are you satisfied with your achievements so far? Or are there still some burning ambitions?

We are more than satisfied with our achievements so far. Our ambitions are to play in bigger parties, create better sounds to our music, and of course to get as much publicity as we can all over the world.

Let's put focus on your new album; 5 years ago you released your second album, "Free Fall" and now you have just released the 3rd one. Can you tell something about what we can expect from the 3rd album?

The new album has some surprising sounds. As we said before, it's a bit slower, but if you listen to our first album, you'll see that we have already made tracks running at 124 BPM.

The album definitely has more house and tech house influences. It's deep and maintains our unique sound, yet several tracks still have trance elements.

This is also the first album you are set to release on Iboga Records, even though you've had a few tracks featured on the label over the years. Why did you choose Iboga Records for the new album?

We have worked with local record labels so far, and this time we decided to work with a well-known successful company, Iboga records, that really reflects the new style of the album.

As far as other artists go, who and what is inspiring to you right now?

We like progressive house music, techno tunes and tech house. Both of us also love listening to rock, metal, hip hop, dubstep bands and artists.

Where do you see the sound in "the scene" heading?

The scene is developing all the time and getting inspiration from different styles. Genres like House, Tech house and Electro entered the scene intertwined with new technology, and these things helps the artists
to create and shape new kinds of fresh tunes, with their ears open even for dance, pop and rock. So we will find the scene still kicking but just in different way.

The new album can be purchased on CD here:

And as digital download on Beatport:

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