Omicron Decorations

Worldclass stringart decorations

Author: Omicrondeco
Date: Feb 15, 2011
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  Omicron is a project of Vladimir Rymarcuk, born in Brosniv, Ukraine and was raised in Ukraine, Slovakia and Belgium. This project was found in the year 2007.

After visiting several psytrance parties Vladimir has realized how important the decorations in the psyparties are. He got excited by the technique called StringArt. He discovered very quickly how it works and the first decorations have been created.

Starting at the very bottom in a fraction of time, Omicron developed into an exclusive, well-known and respected deco-project and has decorated more than 50 parties during its four years existence.

In different countries across Europe people were able to see this mind-expanding decorations. Omicron worked with some of the world's most famous and respected deco-artists like Flour Elysium (The Dream Team), Fluorobotanics, Neil Gibson...and more. Decorated events with top-artists of the psytrance scene today. Numerous decorations have also been sold abroad Ireland, England, Germany, France, Belgium, Slovakia, Netherlands...







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