Boom 2010 - Tickets sill available

Author: Boom Festival
Date: May 24, 2010
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Never trust a Boom- rumor... Tickets for 2010 are not sold out yet!

Dear Boomers,

We’ve been receiving an overwhelming number of phone calls and emails from concerned Boomers from around the world that say Boom 2010 tickets have been sold out.

Feedback from various people tells us that these false rumours have been circulating across the Earth. Panic stations can now come to a halt because this is simply not true as we still have a total of 10,000 tickets available!

So fear not, you can continue on your quest as together we make the voyage towards the wonderful adventure that awaits each and every one of you!

The journey has begins now, from the moment you purchase your ticket, followed by anticipation and the build-up of excitement, not to mention the beautiful feeling of love, togetherness and communalism that arises as we begin the countdown to Boom 2010, to be held from18th until 26th of August in a beautiful new location.

There are 10,000 tickets to be purchased both from our website or in any Boom Ambassador.

If the numbers of tickets will get short we will introduce a counter online.

To purchase your Boom ticket online click here:

To purchase your Boom ticket at a Boom Ambassadors network go:


To be updated our program and cultural message go to

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