Peter Gun - Strobe (Tribal Vision Records)

Author: Roberdo
Date: Apr 24, 2010
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Play this album at high volume while wearing only few clothes and having some serious sunshine on your head!


  1. Peter Gun - Silverstream
  2. Peter Gun - Microsleep
  3. Peter Gun - Perfect (Album Version)
  4. Peter Gun - Pressure Point 2010
  5. Peter Gun - Montagsrokka
  6. Peter Gun - Oyster Farm
  7. Peter Gun - Barbeque Shapes
  8. Peter Gun - Shot at Frank's Bar
  9. Peter Gun & Martin H - Deep Flow 



Well, that is pretty much my association after listening to Peter Gun's already forth album for a few times now. All together he remains true to his unique groove recipe on "Strobe": A very independent mixture of House flavoured bass lines that often include a certain sexual moment, sun-bathed sounds with a certain Balearic connotation and -last but not least- still a big amount of uplifting Progressive Trance and therefore psychedelic depths, too. While many "hybrid productions" in contemporary Progressive Trance tend to be quite technoid, Peter's tracks keep a very warm and distinct trancy edge, perhaps it is this hard to describe fact that makes his music so independent and special: He manages the balancing act between classical, not to say conventional Trance sounds and styles like Progressive House and Electro with an elegance that is unparalleled. My personal top picks because of this very characteristic: "Perfect" with its massive, hypnotic built-up, the super mellow "Oyster Farm" and finally the 2010 version of a title that ranks pretty high in my personal "tracks played most often at parties" top 10: The irresistible "Pressure Point"!

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