Beatkrush - Dissolver

Album review by DJ Mindstate

Author: DJ Mindstate
Date: Apr 1, 2010
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Beatkrush - Dissolver (Nutek Records)

The debut studio album by Beatkrush. from veteran producer Samy the Swiss. Also known as CPU, Synergy and Biodegradeable. Samys own words describing his distinct sound:

"A blend of hi-tek studio chemistry and turns minimal, at turns progressive,
the funky electro house sound of Beatkrush is as perfect for open air festivals and beach parties as it is for urban clubs and afterparties...."

I honestly don´t dissagree with Samy. Add a little this and that and alakazam you have a wonderfull spicy sweet & sour blend of originality and insanity... Sweet X-D . The happy uplifting and energetic vibes of Beatkrush comforts both the cosmic clubbers stomping in the dark chambers aswell as the nature-children dancing in the misty morning forrests

Listen to "Tomato Soup" and an Live Dub edit of "Kiss Me" listing:

I personally grade this debut album with an impressed 8-out-of-10 possible broken eardrums. 

Fill your soul with music and your heart will dance for ever.

Dj Mindstate @ Sweden

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