Is Psy-trance crowd a little racist? Just a thought.

Dont be misguided by this question...

Author: dutraveller
Date: Jan 27, 2010
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And sorry for my english. Its not perfect.

I really like psytrance and party people.I do.
After reading and interesting study about the psychadelic trance scene in Goa by Arun Saldanha, it made me think about it.

Ive been in many parties, outdoor, indoor.
And psytrance has a code. A dress-code, a drug-code, an external attitude code that people 'should' have to be in the psytrance scene.

It is like other type of music. Like Metal, or Punk. It has stereotypes, u can see if the guy is a real psytrance guy/girl.

So if u dont follow specific rules, ur not accepted by the community.

And why? Shouldnt we be ALL ONE? No judgment for how u look, how u act?
Shouldnt we celebrate our union as humans, with love, respect, compassion of each other?
Isnt what the psytrance music is preaching sometimes to us in some way?

The worse is this: We still judge without even noticing it.

Dancing with trance should be aside from ego..and thats not what happens sometimes...

I think there is some kind of racism in parties.

What u think?

Here is a link for what ive read (pdf format)

Author: Roberdo / Date: 10.02.2010 09:50:38

i thin you are basically very right. though this phenomenon is not restricted to the goa scene, but it seems like it happens frequently: i remember surfer cars for example carrying stickers saying "kill all windsurfers" or "bodyboarders suck". so this is kind of example for surfer fascims, as well as the famous "localism" at certain spots is.

a few months back i had a little discussion going on on my personal blog (unfortunately in german language). it was exactly about this issue: the so called "goa nazis". eventually a dude wrote an anonymous comment, including the really classical elements of nazi attitude: xenophobia ("techno people destroy the spirit" etc.), aggression (offensive language), cowardice (annoynmous comment) and stupidity (the resason for all that).

i think the major point is that the psy trance scene pretends to be open and tolerant more than most other subcultures; this claim is kind of a central element of the scene. And so the contrast between talking and acting is specially obvious. but still we do have to keep in mind that the "nazi-thing" is very wide spreaded, thoigh more subtle mostly. it perhaps is just part of human nature, there is most probably an animalic pendant for this behaviour.

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