Psysun (Speedsound Rec.), check the new Tracks:

Author: speedsound
Date: Dec 19, 2009
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Psysun is a Brazilian Psychedelic Trance Project, their music aims involves the public in to the psychedelic atmosphere for dancing. With experience of having participated in other projects and various presentations throughout the country, Psysun consolidates as one of the biggest names in Brazil. The project is producing a new phase Fullon seriously and with many trials. With dozens of songs released by various labels Psysun frequent presence in the Top sales in the BeatPort. Psysun has worked in partnership with European, American and Asian artists. Is currently producing their 4th album which will be released by Speedsound Rec. Besides music, is producing an experimental film with release scheduled for late 2011. Psysun also develops Audio Loops for DMS and Zenhiser, trails Games, TV Commercials and Movies. Bookings:





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