Tech Twist (Crystal Matrix Records)

Twisting the new technologies!

Author: juggler
Date: Oct 23, 2009
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Tech Twist are Albert Xenzo aka Xenzodiak and Pedro Gaspar aka Dj Juggler, both from Lisbon, Portugal. They are 28 and 27 years old but have already a long history in the trance scene with his solo projects.

Tech Twist was born in October 2008, when the same dreams and friendship brought the two starting to work together, after making some versus tracks.

Their music can be described as morning full-on, with lots of energetic rhythms and uplifting melodies, always with a “dancefloor groove” on it.

Till this moment, Albert and Pedro played solo a bit all over the world, in the biggest parties and festivals, and Alberto released an album on Medusa Records, aswell as  various tracks on compilations, so we can expect a lot of experience and professionalism by them. 

They are signed to Crystal Matrix Records and very soon we can expect 4 tracks to be released, 2 on the next Crystal Matrix compilations, 1 in Xenzodiak EP on D-Djance Records and 1 on Geomagnetic.

As main goal, they hope to bring lots of danceable and happy moments to worldwide dancefloors and parties, always twisting the new technologies.

 You can see more infos on or contact us by the mail / msn or

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