Neurotrance Records

Author: erofex
Date: Oct 17, 2009
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Psytrance and Chill Out netlabel based in Bolivia with various releases since 2007. More than 20 artist from around the world and different trance genres.

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Neurotrance Records is a label which aims at publishing electronic music. All albums and tracks that represent our label are available for a free download, copying and listening, in accordance with the Creative Commons licence (Attribution - Noncommercial Use 2.0).

We intend to promote electronic music artists and share good music free of charge.

Music is an inevitable part of human life. It is the way of life. Stay with us and take a listen.

"Free the music because the music sets you free".

Our releases are free to download: CLICK HERE

Author: sergiaddharma / Date: 07.11.2009 19:08:57

Felicidades por la filosofia y por compartir la musica...

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