Ozora 2009 review

Author: Sergi ad Dharma
Date: Aug 24, 2009
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Extensive review about the amazing gathering in Hungary

Ozora 2009, “Welcome to Paradise!”

A sign above the entrance gate, “Welcome to Paradise!” is the warming invitation that the participants receive on the path to the 6th edition of Ozora. I get a big smile on my face as my chest expands and my heart gets that unique mix of opening, peacefulness and great joy that I experience in these magical events. “The Family gathers again”, I think while I walk the last meters of the entrance path observing some art figures that stand on the side. The great and warm sun is shining in the sky and a comforting breeze is blowing. Perfect!

People from all corners of the world show up to live an unforgettable, wonderful and unique magical experience. With one of the most killer line ups worldwide - great international music producers such as Solar Fields, Asura, Protoculture, Zen Mechanics, Naked Tourist, Tristan, Swarup, Vibrasphere together with great other hungarians like Kalumet (one of the few artists who really performs a real live set), Ozora is one of these festivals that goes much more beyond the party itself; set up in a beautiful location, amongst the peaceful and nice Hungarian people, taking care of the participants basic needs including a big diversity of meal possibilities, Ozora provides the atmosphere and the ingredients to live the Magic of Life…

How can one begin to explain by words the feeling of meeting with that friend you met last time in another magical festival and you have not seen in a while or that long raining night dancing by the fire? How can one begin to explain by words a fantastic laser and visual decorated full on night, with awesome music and great professional fire dancers and jugglers, participants dissolving into the experience from dusk to the morning sunrise with the unique sound of Protoculture! (what a live set, my goodness!!! Thank you Nate! ;))

I can’t…I can’t explain. I can take pictures to capture and transmit some of the Beauty of these experiences. I can talk and write about them with great enthusiasm.  But the only way to understand this beauty is to live it!!!  And the ones who can do this are truly blessed!

As I write these lines, I recall those unique and magical moments on the Dancefloor….  Uhmmmm….the big smile and a warm tickle runs through my heart again!!

The number and especially the great diversity of participants was one of the largest and richest I’ve seen in a psy-festival.  I would like to point out that this diversity is one of the basic elements of the psy-culture identity.  It is therefore evident that Ozora can be considered one of the top festivals worldwide.

My admiration for the examples and signs that identify our psy-culture is big and has my deepest respects. One of the examples I experienced took place while I was standing in a line up to take a 5 minute shower.  Usually these cues can easily take up to one hour, so I found myself standing there, in the sun, observing how the people were waiting patiently and in shanti spirit. No sign of bad mood, no sign of any regret. I made a comment to the guy who was standing in front of me, also waiting to shower on the beautiful Sunday at 10 in the morning, last day of the festival, after a sleepless dancing night, with the early hot sun shinning upon us: “It is amazing, the patience our people can have” and he answers in a peaceful way, “Yes, even on Sundays”. Yes, even on Sundays I repeat. I wish our society could learn from these kinds of examples.

On other hand I noticed that Ozora experienced a crowded attendance; the official count states that there were 14000 people attending. Most likely, this number represents a breaking point where it can be difficult to manage a group in a sustainable way and to maintain the magic of the event and keep “the genuine” part of our spirit alive, also a challenge for the organizers, but this should be a theme to discuss in another article.


Sergi ad Dharma, August 2009

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