Gold for the Kogi

Author: Roberdo
Date: May 12, 2009
Views: 1962

“The mother bled. She had her period. She was fertile and the world was fertile. Her blood is gold. It remains in the earth. It is fertility. Gold and water, blood and water are necessary for the life of all things.” (Kogi saying)

This is a call for donating gold to the Kogi

In November 2009 some Kogi shamans from Colombia will visit Holland to receive ancient Tayrona flutes and a crystal chain from the ‘Wereld Museum’ in Rotterdam. The Tayrona are the ancestors of the Kogi. During this visit we want to give the Kogi golden objects as a sign of respect for the work that the Kogi do for Mother Earth.

The Kogi are one of the few indigenous groups in Latin America that still live fully in their traditional way while being aware of the world outside. As the Spanish conquerors seized their land, the Kogi fled into the Sierra Nevada, a mountainous area in Colombia. There they lived in isolation from the rest of the world for a long time, but round 1990 they knew that it was time to come out of their self-exile and tell the world about the danger of destruction of the world. Their message is clear: “The way you treat Mother Earth makes her sick and if you do not start respecting her and her needs it may lead to great disasters.”

The Kogi say that gold is vital for the health of Mother Earth. It is her blood. They used gold for ceremonies for the healing of Mother Earth. But all the gold has been robbed and now Mother Earth is sick.

If you want to support this campaign you can give golden objects like jewelry, coins, tooth, etc. A goldsmith will melt them and then make two golden objects from the gold that will be given to the Kogi: the Tayrona representation of Mother Earth, Jaba Se, and Father Sun, Jate Seyankua.

During an event in Colombia in October 2007 we gave a golden frog (round 500 grams) to the Kogi. See pictures and film.

Please contact us if you want to donate any golden objects for this purpose and/or if you want to support the publicity campaign:

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