Hibernation - Some Things Never Change

Author: Roberdo
Date: Jan 14, 2009
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An unexpected discovery while tidying up my office reveals a superb piece of electronic music!

1. Melt
2. Trickle
3. Lazy Radio
4. Empty Cities
5. Glitch Police
6. Are You Sure?
7. Reflect
8. Beautiful Sky
9. Seven Steps
10. Some Things Never Change
11. The Littlest Computer
12. Reflected
13. The Art of Living & Dying
14. Colour


Its the really beautiful cover of this CD that draws my attention to it while tidying up my office yesterday: A bunch of pink and green flowers surrounded by some hovering birds. At second sight there are some speaker membranes and audio jacks in this bunch...  A really psychedelic motive but still really aestetic and not kitschy at all. Why did I just put this interesting-looking longplayer onto the pile of promos where it disappeared until now?I have no idea, must be the ever too long to do list. But putting the CD into the player and listening to it while continuing my reorganisation of the office makes one thing sure: I really missed something until now! 

The very first track is a sea of harmonic pads floating through the room and creating a hash- or opium pregnant, very quiet and spaced out atmosphere. I already like that but I am even more pleased when the acoustic journey continues with some more inspiring tunes: Soft but somehow animating beats carry perfectly produced soundscapes. And when there are some even jazzy elements in track 3 I am entirely enthusiastic about this release. The album continues this way, variating between deep pad arrangements and easy beats. All together a perfect flow, wonderful to listen to in one session! The sound has lots of psychedelic elements but is still pretty muchWorld Music or Easy listening and not too far spaced out. Well, finally I should mention that I am talking about the album Some Things Never Change by Hibernation. The man behind this project is UK hailing Seb Taylor, known from countless projects and one of the few who deserve to be called real musicians. As said, its out since quite a while on Israeli label Aleph Zero Records but in fact that does not matter at all: Timeless music with lots of intelligence and soul - Two thumbs up for this great release!


Review by Roberdo

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