Injection - Choose To Live

Author: Roberdo
Date: Jan 6, 2009
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Back on my desk today I find a CD from renowned Israeli label Phonokol on my desk: Injection delivers his new album Choose To Live.

Well, I am not the biggest Full On freak on earth but still very open minded and interested in all kind of sounds so lets check out this longplayer!

All together we find 9 tracks on this CD and Eitan Tanami produced them in different cooperations. So one thing is sure: This album is pretty variating. I really like the very first track which is very energetic and driving with some spacey science fiction samples and a pretty cool atmosphere. I can imagine this 145 impacts per minute working well on a daylight dancefloor. Track 2 reveals a very pop-styled atmosphere after some minutes, massive vocoder samples and is this Anne Clark in the middle of the track!? Not my cup of tea, too much funfair-styled pop music. The CD continues in this very variating way: I am listening to some pretty cool, driving tracks, the good old 303 acid lines still work out wonderful, great dancefloor stuff- but there is also some rather cheesy stuff which is missing a certain deepnes. Well, I guess this dude is performing some experiments after producing music for quite a long time. The production quality of the album is definitely top notch, as we can expect from Phonokol records. All together this CD is a pretty mixed experienced covering quite a range of atmospheres going from rocking deepness to rather superficial sounds.


1. In su lin
2. Sound Blaster (rmx)
3. Music
4. Choose to live
5. Power Supply (rmx)
6. Electric Dance
7. Systematic
8. India Time
9. Clear my mind





Review by Roberdo

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