Studio Pictures: Super Cozi / Zen Lemonade

Author: Roberdo
Date: Dec 15, 2008
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The photo series: See the places where producers and DJs spend a major part of their lives!




Producer / DJ since: 1996

Oldest piece of equipment: I relocate country twice so my oldest gizmos ( AKAI Sampler CD3000, etc) are not here.. but in here Bali , I have a KORG KAOSS PAD with lots of dust on it , also broken KORG VOCODER. 
Newest piece of equipment: Got KORG electribe MX from my mate recently. Haven't give it a test flight yet but looks absolutely stunning. Must be fun!! 
Longest time staying in the studio without leaving the room: I have 4 days-record back in TOKYO when I was doing rock band because that recording studio had a toilet and mini kitchen and big sofa to crash. But in this studio, hmmm.. 16 hours maybe?
Trouble with neighbours: Not really . Imported sound block material from Surabaya to Bali when this studio was built . But one time I didn't lock the door and making trance really loudly. Then my french neighbour came with a bottle of wine because he heard kick sound and we ended up dancing lunatic to my unfinished track. It was fun!!

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