Studio pictures : Magnetrixx

Author: Roberdo
Date: Dec 10, 2008
Views: 2284

A new photo series on See the places where producers and DJs spend a major part of their lives!



Producer / DJ since: 1995
Oldest piece of equipment: Korg MS-20, 1st series (date of manufacture 1979)
Newest piece of equipment: Universal Audio UAD-2 Quad (bought 2 months ago)
Longest time staying in the studio without leaving the room: Ca. 1 day (what about toilet and food/drinks? If this doesnt count, since my studio is part of my flat, i even didnt leave my studio for 3 weeks already...)

Trouble with neighbours: I had quite a lot of trouble with my neighbours in the past, right now its fine in my actual flat, i even can play piano till the night, a real piano, not a digital one :o)

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