Under The African Sky

Author: Roberdo
Date: Nov 28, 2008
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This new movie tells about the amazing outdoor culture in South Africa, which is undeniable one of the hot spots for Psy Trance parties. An interview with producer Pamm Legg aka Tune Raider.

What is the idea of the film?

The idea came to me when I was having a conversation on the side of a dance floor about the South African Trance scene. That was like 5 years ago. Blood sweat and tears is what has taken to finish this project on my own, I am not a film maker I'm a DJ who happened to love parties. I had a dream to make a film that hopefully captured the beauty of our scene and inspire people to party with a purpose. The essence of Psy Trance is the freedom of expression, and in this country we have the opportunity to express our freedom. Through the research for this film I realised that because of the political freedom we experienced in South Africa we are able to have events such as these in the most amazing venues that aren't too far away. The film captures the growth of a dance scene, it pays homage to the people involved and hopefully educates the next party generation about conscious partying and that this is a scene and not just a party 'in the bush'.

What's up in the scene of South Africa? Whats special? Whats good, whats bad?

South Africa is such a beautiful country, where ever you go there are happy smiley and very openly friendly people. The great thing about our outdoor parties is that each venue is so unique from the other. If you go over the mountain in the east direction in the garden route you are in fairy land, west coast is dry, beautifully arid and hot. The south coast has trippy rock pools that could keep you entertained for hours, and so on. The great thing about the scene here is that people are inspired by it, Cape Town especially has abundance of new producers creating a unique collection of beats, Time Code and Nano Records are just two of the labels who pioneered the South African scene to the rest of the world, and as far as I know are doing very well. Afrogalactic Records has a few producers and DJs up their sleeve. But like any thing in life there is yin and yang and I suppose sometimes the scene reflects what is happing in society. The young kids today want it fast and want it now attitude and are so missing the point, and there seems to be a lot of them around, yes I know we were all young once, but there seems to be a totally different vibe coming from them now a days.

Having this immense amount of freedom and that freedom is being abused, sex drugs and trance music is the new motto and I think that there is just no respect for themselves or the space around them. I just hope that through this chaos that the dust will settle to some thing more conscious but I suppose that it's growing up will create that.

Where was the film produced?

Every where. No it has been produced in Cape Town. By myself Pamm and my partner Colin who owns Alien Safari.

Some funny story about the production of the film?

I suppose the funny side was the filming the interviews, most people weren't used to talking in front of the camera so had a little help before sitting for me, must say they all held there own pretty well. Majority of the interviews was done at an Easter party so by day three some tweaky shit went down.

What is the film about? What will people get to see?

Under The African Sky is a documentary about the sub-culture of Trance in South Africa. Born out of a time of oppression into political freedom in South Africa a musical movement based around trance took root. This movement created a space where all cultures and races met with a common consciousness. This dance of freedom, combined with the influence from Goa, India, the outdoor Psy-Trance scene was born.

This film reveals how the scene developed from small beginnings into its present day entity incorporating the holistic ideals of its origins. It features unique footage from the earliest staged events as well as interviews with party promoters, DJ's, producers, record labels and partygoers.


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lovely! ; )

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