TRANSFORM YOURSELF night psychedelic label

Author: lycantrop records
Date: Oct 29, 2008
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Lycantrop Records
Tranceform Yourself
Rumored to be alien in origin, most Lycans appear human, their lupine features emerging only occasionally when exposed to a combination of UV-light and mind-bending night psychedelic trance music. (Previously, this transformative process required the light of the full moon and a great deal of primal howling, but modern Lycans have mutated - possibly a byproduct of UV-weaponry research.)

Despite an apparent overabundance of night psychedelic music, the Lycan Elders formed Lycantrop Records to ensure an absolutely reliable supply of that essential musical magic…our producers and DJs are conduits, removing the artificial distinction between man and beast, and enabling your inner Lycan to emerge.



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