Why vaporize?

Author: Azarius
Date: Sep 1, 2008
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Instead of smoking some good old marijuana or hashish, vaporizing it could save your lungs.

This new way of consuming herbal smokes is more effective, odorless and vapor does not hold toxins and tar. In Holland, vaporizing is becoming very popular at the coffee shops, where smoking tobacco (not cannabis) is banned since July 1. 

Vaporizer Info (http://www.vaporizer-info.com) listed nine plusses of vaporizing when compared to smoking. 

No more smelly ashtrays, sticky pipe heads, clogged bongs or stained fingers and teeth. After being vaporized, the herb remains as a brown, odorless pwder that can easily be disposed of.

No smoke in your room or building. Directly after exhaling the aromatic vapor can be smelled by someone sitting nearby, but it doesn't travel far, and doesn't hang around for long. It certainly won't make anyone cough or experience any of the other common side effects of "secondary smoke". The smell doesn't get into anyone's clothes, car upholstery or furniture.

Vaporizing is much more efficient than smoking. You need fewer of your herb for an equally powerful effect. And because vapor doesn't irritate the lungs, you can keep it inside for longer, thus facilitating the absorption of more of its active components. Many vaporizers will only heat the herb as you inhale, so nothing goes "up in smoke" between puffs.

Vaporizing is much healthier than smoking. Not just for the throat and lungs but for the entire body. Tar, toxic gasses, radioactive particles and numerous free radicals are all absent or significantly reduced, depending on the quality of the vaporizer.

Easy to dose. Medical marijuana is best dosed when vaporized or smoked: simply inhale until you've reached the desired level of relief. A tea or a tablet does not give immediate effects and so the dose may turn out to be too high or too low. Vaporizing gives the immediate effect that smoking gives you, but without the negative side effects of the smoke itself.

Less chance of getting caught (in the case of vaporizing illegal plants), since the smell is very mild, doesn't resemble that of a joint or bong, and doesn't travel far. Be careful though!

There is no fire involved. Long-haired people will no longer burn their hair trying to light their joint or bong. Other fire hazards are also eliminated.

Enjoy the natural aroma of the non-burnt plant. Though some herbs smell great when burnt (which is why unlit incense sticks smell so different from the smoke they produce), many people prefer the natural aroma of the plant itself.

No more tobacco. Though a joint may indeed be an efficient way of administering cannabis, it is usually made with tobacco (which keeps the joint burning, so you don't need to relight it all the time). A good vaporizer is even more efficient than a joint, so you really don't need the highly addictive and toxic tobacco-filling anymore.

The website Vaporizer-info.com provides unbiased vaporizer reviews, the latest vapo-news, research, usage details and more.   

Europe’s largest assortment of vaporizers can be found on www.vaposhop.com .

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