A New Myspace for The Psy-Tribe!

Author: Vera Carvalho
Date: Jul 29, 2008
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Tired of boring social networks like Hi5, Myspace, Facebook and so on and son on? Meet Hard Candy Space - the new social networking place for the gathering of the psy-tribe.


Elentari - Founder of Hard Candy Space

Tired of boring social networks like Hi5, Myspace, and Facebook and so on and son on? Meet Hard Candy Space - the new social networking place for the gathering of the psy-tribe.


Just launched, with one week of life, Hard Candy Space already counts with the presence of 140 active and enthusiastic members, ranging from 13 to 60 years old.


Founded by a Portuguese 28 year old girl, which answers by the alias Elentari , this space is on a mission to become a gathering place for the psy alternative tribe.

Tired of putting up with all the nut cases and inconvenient "normal people" haunting the Hi5 and Myspace, Elentari decided to create an alternative space for her pairs. And now...she needs her help to get it off the ground.

  Founded and based on the Ning platform, this social network for the alternative minds, counts with many useful features. You may create your profile page in which you may add music, videos (both for your pc or thru you tube or Google video) photos and fully customize your personal page’s appearance thru csss manipulation or by using one of its many pre-made themes that can be fully costumized.This network is fully interactive, in a way that members can rate and/r comment on each other photos, videos, posts...everything is completely interactive and ...psy!


 For promotional means, you may even add your own events to the main page and get them featured there. At this moment, there are already several events showing there and still growing!


The Hard Candy Space Network also offers you a blogging platform, an active forum to hang out and you can create and /or join groups who share the same interests that you do. Members have total liberty here and as long as they don violate the basic rules, they are, basically at home. The main rules there are just the same ones that you would respect everywhere: do not abuse, break or disrespect any laws and you should be fine!


For artist, promoters, labels and the remaining jacks of all psy-trades, this space is awesome because it offers them a promotional platform which is completely free to use and is fully directed to their main public.


The Hard Candy Space public is not only the Psy.tribe but it welcomes people with all musical and cultural backgrounds, has long as they keep an open mind- its motto is to be a gathering ground for the alternative lifestyles.

If you take a look around you will see all kinds of groups forming around subjects like Crop Circles, Dance Floor Music Creation, Tattoos and Piercing, Visionary Arts, Alternative Healing Methods and they even have an Atheist Guild.

  If you think Hard Candy is worth the visit, please join and help spread the word. We really believe we have a useful resource growing here so....Namaste!!






Author: Elentari / Date: 29.07.2008 08:40:25


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