Author: Roberdo
Date: Jul 10, 2008
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A certain wispering makes it round within our scene, some long- streched vocal sound and it is getting louder and louder every day. Listen carefully, can you hear it too? …BOOM…

From all that georgeous festivals our scene brings to life around the globe from weekend to weekend this gathering in the heart of Portugal is definitely very, very special. Quite some travelers who have seen heaps of parties in many different countries claim it to be the most remarkable, most extraordinary festival around. And there are quite some reasons for it:

In the area around Idanha-a-Nova, where the festival is located, you will find a very dry, almost savanna- like landscape. Very hot in summer. But the Boom venue is located on the shores of a large reservoir. No matter which direction you walk from one of the dancefloors- you will be in the water after a very short time. The camping is situated on some rolling hills covered by old cork oaks which deliver some extra shadow. All together the venue is that picturesque that it would be worth going there for a holiday even without party!

But if you go to Boom you wont rest too much- for there is so much good music! From the beginning there has been a large variety of sound which goes far beyond the scope of classical trance music and chill out. And this year it will be taken to another level… The mainfloor features lots of shade for a relaxed dance during the daytime and will deliver an excellent selection of well known big names as well as some delicious newcomers from the global trance scene. An unforgetable musical experience for all Psychedelic lovers! A novelty will be the Groovy Beach floor, located right on the shore of the lake. Featuring rather relaxed sound during the afternoon, the early evening will bring excellent Dub Step acts and from midnight till midday you can dance to some amazing techno and minimal sounds. You wanna take a rest after all that dancing? No problem, Boom features the probably most beatiful Chill Out ever seen: A bamboo pagoda on an peninsula overviewing the festival and the lake delivers massive chillin capacity. And that´s not even enough to listen to: If you fancy world music and concerts you will find heaps of interesting performances on the Sacred Fire Stage.


Boom always had a very sophisticated approach and wants to deliver its audience more then just dancing and listening to music. So the Liminal Village feautures a large variety of workshops going from yoga and permaculture to even Kung Fu or astrology. There will also be an arts gallery presenting some of the best paintings and sculptures of the psychedelic arts movement. An that is still not all: A theater stage shows interesting performances, a cinema will show movies from documentations, and visuals to fictional films and cartoons.
The engines for this event will be powered by waste vegetable oil and you will find waste seperation everywhere on the festival ground to make sure that people here do not only talk about saving nature but also do it. Solar panels will support the energy supply. A crew of about 1200 persons will take care for everything running well during the event.

All this details might be impressing. But be sure: If you feel Boom with your own senses it will be much more! I will end this article with the words I also said to lots of my friends when leaving a festival a few days ago: See ya at Boom!


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