No Mans Land Festival

Author: Roberdo
Date: Jun 17, 2008
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A legend, especially for Progressive lovers. Extensive interview about ups, downs, rock star allures and novelties

1) What is the history of No Man’s Land? What was the idea behind the festival?

The first No Man’s Land Festival was In 2004 near by the river Danube. It was two days long with the whole Hungarian psy-scene and two big foreign artist: Genetic Spin and Sonus. Next year we had three stages with the biggest names of the psy and the progressive scene on Dabas. The festival itself was a juggling gathering also with so many performers during four days. In 2006 we took a rest. In 2007 we open the gates for other kind of music like progressive, minimal, electro, tech house and experimental so we made three different stages for different music.

The first idea was to make a nice psy-gathering but it is changed a bit so now we would like to make a big electronic music festival with every kind of music because the borders between scenes are blurred. We take the accent on the qualitative electronic music without borders.

2) There have been some pretty famous festivals in Hungary and it seems like every year there are more international festivals in this country. What makes Hungary special? What are the attractors for promoters and party fraggels to come to here?

Hungarian people nowadays becomes as a festival nation. Before 1989 we did not have any festival because the communist regime. Now we have more festivals than a lot of bigger nations. We try to supply what we lost. I think it is a normal reaction and as we see it is working. More and more foreign music lovers come to Hungary in every year. Why? First I think we have a good location in central Europe, second foreigners don’t really know Hungary and last but not least the Hungarian festivals are still cheap. Circus and bread for the public! We can offer the circus.


3) Last years No Man’s Land became a legend for Progressive lovers world wide. But unfortunately there have been rather few visitors, the festival went minus. Nevertheless there will be a festival this year- what is the motivation for the promoters, where do they take their energy again? What is about sponsors?


Good question. Maybe we are just crazy but we believe in what we do. We think that our line-up was unique but the two storms frightened the freaks. Because the storms we lost the audience those who were planning to come at the weekend. It meant more thousands of people. Now we have got a unique line-up again with progressive, minimal, electro and full-on artist as well so we have a chance to make a perfect event in this year.


4) What was the worst fuck up in the history of No Man’s Land?

In 2007 the second night of the festival a huge storm completely destroyed the stages, the bars, the deco, everything. The music needed to be stopped on the two stages, everybody went back into the tents. In the next morning the bars couldn’t serve any food or drinks, the staff started to build up the facilities again. Late afternoon was almost ok everything and we had a peaceful night but the day after an other storm came and destroyed everything to the ground again. It was hopeless, just mud everywhere, people hadn’t any dry clothes, many of them went home, and so on. That was the worst fuck up!


5) What was the greatest success in the history of No Man’s Land?

The success for us is to make festivals year by year on the way we would like to. We do not invite superstar dj’s just because the hope of big profit. The line up always a mirror of our taste. How I said before the qualitative music is our compass when we organize festivals. On this way we can make independent and familiar festivals with a good feeling where not the money is in the focus.

6) Would you please tell us some curious story that happened during one of the festivals?

In 2007 there was a big star invited and an artist pair who was not as famous than the big star. We rented a four-star hotel room for the big name and a cheaper for the unknown name. Both arrived in a same time. Unfortunately one of us showed the four-star hotel for the unknown name and the cheaper hotel for the big one. We realized than we mixed them up. So awkward! So we had to tell them the mistake but everybody just laughed about it.

7) There have been quite some big names at the festivals. Have there been any artists with "rock star allures"? Would you tell us about that (of course you dont have to call names)?

In 2005 two artists stepped at one of the bars. There was a huge line, everybody was thirsty certainly. They said: “Hey! We are the ……! If we don’t have two beers immediately we won’t play in the night.”

8) What are the novelties this year? What are the main attractors for the festival?

The first attractor is the location, which is a camp on the bank of the Lake Balaton. The lake at the bank not deep so you can dance in the water if you want. We hope there will be sunny whether. Second is the line-up: psy, full-on, progressive, techno, minimal, house, dub, chill music will be hearable but no one comes from the mainstream. A real underground festival with special artists- Every day will be some different performances all around the festival area so sometimes you will be shocked or surprised.



9) Which festivals in Europe beside No Man’s Land would you recommend?

Glade Festival near by London.

Thank you very much forthis interesting interview!


Interview by: László Greksa, No Man’s Land crew

Pictures by No Mans Land festival & Roberdo

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