Azarius: for inner sights and nature’s delights

Author: sam
Date: Jun 4, 2008
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What is the story behind Azarius, the longest running Internet smart shop in the Netherlands?

For people from all over Europe, Azarius is the main source of “smart” drugs like magic mushrooms, powerful plant extracts, energizers and smoking supplies. The company was born in 1999 out of a website known as the Ephedra Site, which was created to inform visitors about this party-all-night natural energizer. Along with ephedra caps the owners of the site started selling other herbal products through a new website named Azarius, and it quickly became a heavily visited web shop.


Information is key

Spreading good information is essential to make the use of psychedelics safe and enjoyable. Both Azarius’ crew and customers highly value the shamanic traditions that include the use of these substances, and which existed long before western science discovered the first medicines (and psychoactive drugs). Providing good and honest information has always been a must. Therefore is available in six languages and includes an encyclopedia, a bookshop, and even a YouTube channel: Azarius TV


Nature cannot be illegal

Nowadays ever-changing policies are making it more difficult for psychonauts, trancers, modern hippies and everyone else to experience the bliss derived from natural drugs. How can something which is created by nature and causes less damage than alcohol and cigarettes, be illegal? But a smartshop can only be run successfully when played by the rules, however ignorant they might be. So Azarius will continue to introduce new world psychedelics, vaporizers, health supplements, music and literature.
Go to for more info and the following products:
Salvia, Mushroom Spores and Growkits, Glass Pipes, Bongs, Kratom, Cannabis Seeds, LSA-Seeds, Books, Ayahuasca Plants, DVDs, T-Shirts, Peyote and San Pedro Cactus, Vaporizers, Vitamins, Drug Tests, Organic Tea, Hemp Products, and More…

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