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Extensive review by Roberdo

Author: Roberdo
Date: Jun 2, 2008
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Having a steaming cup of tea right next to me on this sultry morning, I start my review on the “Moving Forward” compilation. The release sheet from the Mexican label Sounds Of Earth includes the usual self- praising phrases about this record and the dude who compiled it, DJ Vazik. Totally special CD according to the release sheet, so in fact nothing special so far…

We start with 03020 tubemix by Signal Deluxe. The track starts with some spacy vocal samples and effects. A rather weak bassdrum starts, effects continue. A pretty slow stomper. But hum… after 3 minutes still nothing special has happened. Sounds somehow like a little uninspired playing around with some loops, I miss the golden thread. This track might be cool at late afterhours but honestly: Quite everything is cool in that situation, no?

We continue with C Freeman & Ricardo A – Pojo. The bassdrum has pressure now and I also like the speed of the track. Still relaxed but also driving. Seems like this is another minimal attempt- quite few sounds in this track. There is definitely some build up but all together it is quite conventional in its sounds and structure.

Forza – Supersprite. Hum, I don’t know… Isn´t Minimal out again? Seems like it is not in Mexico. This track is really trippy, I honestly like the spaced out sound effects and the stereo effects. But there is no golden thread, just playing around with some click clack sounds, delays and reverbs. Maybe cool sound for a druggy chillout or a late after hour but no dance floor stuff.

Yeah, yeah! We are getting to the more dance orientated stuff! Hamelin & Chemical Surf deliver a track called Minimental which is absolutely not as narrow minded as the title might imply. Pretty driving stuff, I would call it rather Electro House then Minimal. Cool build up with driving lead synths and kicking drums. Nice track!

Next is the compiler himself: Vazik – Process. The speed and kick drum reminds Progressive Trance. Vazik delivers his interpretation of minimal Progressive / Electro House. You can defintely hear a certain relationship to Trance. This track is a little bit between both worlds but there are some nice ideas and so I am quite sure this dude is on the right way.

Well, now we are getting to Bienmesabe – Drive Jumpers. Again a rather slow track track but I like its very cool, laid back groove. Pretty minimal arrangement but there even is an open high hat- pretty seldom in nowdays Minimal productions! Adjusting the pitch to some more speed this track becomes a solid groover. One of my favorites on this CD!

Righty right- seems like we are heading some Progressive Trance now. Ecliptic & Jabba deliver a classical floor stomper, pretty tidied up but still psychedelic. Championship Hangover makes me longing for a nice open air festival- did not have one yet this year ;) Functional track, will definitely work on second floors!

And here we have my favorite on this CD: Solid Progressive Trance by Nok in remix by Odiseo. Sophistictaed production quality. Same sounds and presets as always in this genre but definitely kicking ass! This track reminds me a deep fried pizza on a hangover day: In fact nothing special but still soooo tasty and functional!

The CD gets faster and faster to the end. Ruls – From The Future is another Progressive Trance Track which is perfect for a sunny open air. Driving bassline, really nice melody, spacy effects: Let the summer begin!

All together this CD leaves a streaky impression: I like the Progressive Trance tracks pretty much, solid dance floor stuff which will work the open air floors. The minimal / Electro orientated stuff can not convince me, although I really enjoy this sounds in general. Perhaps that makes me rather sophisticated. It should probably just mature a little longer. But I also have to say that this CD is very variating, which is an over- value because it is not really common. And in the end there are really, really few records in my pretty extensive collection on which I love all featured tracks…



Review by Roberdo

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