Texas Faggot's new release "Kininigin"

Author: sam
Date: May 26, 2008
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Welcome to Finland, a land where trolls and human still produce psychedelic goa trance

Today I'm listening to the latest release of Texas Faggot called "Kininigin". Texas Faggot have always been crazy and they still are - but I also realize avalanches of groove attacks in this release. Generally Kininigin is what some of you would call "Old School Goa Trance": fast and twisted, psychedelic in it's core, unpredictable and crazy. The main difference to the older old school works is the production quality - which is up-to-date. Ah yes and some influences from other musical styles portioned carefully into the alien sound worlds. It's very powerful stuff which will twist those brains (preferably at night) who are open for this journey. It's absolutely out of the norm as any other Texas Faggot release. So if you're up for some REAL psychedelic stuff then check this one out!

By the way if you wanna know a bit more about Texas faggot then read the Bio below which is quite funny and also a bit informative...


The musical journey of Tim Thick and Pentti Slayer as Texas Faggott started in the early days of 1990`s. The main reason for most Finnish trancebands to exist is an Indian guy named Alan who lives in Goa. As Tim Thick recalls, this guy heard his music and sent greetings with the Finnish travellers to Tim requesting more sound to be played at the parties. So Tim made tracks and sent them to the mysterious Alan, and when Finnish people came back in the end of each season to their homeland, they always had the same message for Tim: more music please! It was only after many years, in 1997 when Tim had the opportunity to meet this muse of his, who had so many years inspired Tim and others to continue in producing music.

In the earlier half of the 90´s there was also a legendary Sörkkä Sonic studio at the suburbia of Helsinki, Sörnäinen, where most of the early day Suomi sound artists gained their vision of making music. It was there, where Pentti Slayer and Tim Thick made their first tracks together, along with the original third member of the group, Francoice Faggott. Mr. Faggott later started to concentrate more on Squaremeat with Pepe Kosminen.

In those days it was common for the Finnish Goa trance producers to have a different artist name for almost every track they made. So Pentti Slayer and Tim Thick have involved in such projects as Flying Scorpions, Mandalawandalz, Shiwa 2000 and many others. The name Texas Faggott originally came up as they saw an old movie by Clint Eastwood in which a hooker called Clint a Texas faggot when he wasn´t willing to share the joys of bed with her. “You Texas faggot!” –sample can be heard also in one of the early tracks by the group. Tim and Pentti has also met an authentic Texas faggot, of course in Texas, USA, when they were on tour there.
Around the year 2000 Texas Faggott started their way to the awareness of the audiences outside Finland and Goa. The madness of the hillbilly trance masters have conquered the hearts of dancing crowds in all over the world, especially in Japan, Israel, Australia and Eastern Europe.

Most musical influences for Texas Faggott come from the ex-president Bill Clinton, especially from his years of youth when he played saxophone and didn´t inhale that joint. As Tim Thick states, the musical line Texas Faggott has always followed is pure easy listening sound, towards which they have always worked on, sometimes succeeding but still mostly failing as the horses they are holding usually escape far beyond the reasonably boundaries. Result is the original ballyhooing sound of Texas Faggott, which has it´s roots in Goa trance, but which still escapes the strict genre categories.

The first Texas Faggott release, Kössi Kuittaa, came out in 1998 on Nephilim Records. After that, in 1999, they produced an album, Texas Faggott, which was released on Australian based Psy-Harmonics. In the year 2000 Back To Mad EP saw a daylight on Exogenic Records and in the next year came out the long play Petoman´s Peflett.  As a delicious snack between albums they released Paramoncler EP in the year 2003 and the main course followed in 2004 in the form of Pilluminati Cunt Roll. At the moment they are working on their fourth album Kininigin, which is due to come out this autumn.

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