Decoded1 UV Art

Contemporary backdrops

Author: decoded1
Date: May 5, 2008
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I am artist based in London UK. You can see here one of my creative activities - UV Backdrops. I start painting five years ago, with love to creating images for peoples fun and awareness, cyber-psy objects animate in blacklight, digital illusion, a message from space... 



I am using acrylic and vinyl tempera paints on black cotton/canvas. My favorite technic its to combine 2D with 3D effects. Large sizes. My first steps I made in London underground psychedelic scene, my backdrops also decorate Psygate room Pleiadians live! at Antiworld parties in London, travel to Switzerland- Cosmic Love Festival, or have been beautifully combine with Frolic video projections as screen frames.



At the moment I am working in scenic art studio and I am an photographer for 7th Heven Project (Alchemy Records & One Tribe parties). If you are interested in my work just let me know!



...Decoded1...I listen to informatic noise and decoded a projection of the future- a safe future ballanced between nature and civilisation, the universe and the aim, man and woman. A future when the conscious, intelligent human being is the ultimate creator.

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