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Author: Son Kite
Date: Apr 22, 2008
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Son Kite, Minilogue & IMPS news! & are both updated!

It’s been a while since our last update, but this time we have both loads of information and some gifts.

Our new Son Kite album is slowly getting ready and we found the best home for it; BNE recordings. BNE will also reprint our previous album and make sure that our back catalogue is available digitally.

Our debut album with Minilogue – Animals will be released on Cocoon recordings last week in April, both on vinyl and double CD (one dance & one ambient/electronica).

Another big news for Minilogue is that our video of Hitchhiker’s Choice, made by Kristofer Strom have been nominated at Webby Awards in the "online film & video" category, and it would most definitely be an honour if you'd vote for us, if you like the video that is!

The process is quite stupid so here goes...

1. Register

2. Wait for an activation mail and click on the link

3. Click on this link and vote!

End of May we will release another album; IMPS – Bring out the IMPS (Mule Electronics). This project is a collaboration we have with our dear friends Ian & Philip from Decoy. The album was made last year during two weeks full of improvisation, laughter and impsness in the High-Hat studio.

On or you can find three new dj mixes

Dj Marcus – Techno & House
Dj Seb – Old, new & Inbetweens
Dj Seb – Selecion Ambiente

Three aspects of electronic music, music for different moments.

Stay True!

Sebastian & Marcus


New releases:
Minilogue – Jamaica EP (Cocoon Recordings)
Minilogue – Animals LP/CD (Cocoon Recordings)
Minilogue – Space remixes (Traum Schallplatten)

Upcoming releases:
Minilogue – Doiicie EP (Minilogue)
Minilogue – Jamaica / Hispaniola remixes (Cocoon Recordings)
IMPS – Bring out the IMPS

For those who love the “real” records we can recommend:

For those who prefer to buy music in digital format … you can find all our new releases from all our different projects on: (also in full quality wav format) (perfect for people from Scandinavia)

Upcoming gigs May/June:
26/4 – Nagoya, Japan (Minilogue live, Dj Marcus)
28/4 – Fukuoka, Japan (Son Kite live, Dj Marcus, Dj Seb)
2/5 – Osaka, Japan (Son Kite live, Dj Marcus)
4-5/5 – Ground Beat festival in Japan (Son Kite live, Minilogue live, Dj Marcus, Dj Seb)
10/5 – Release party of Animals, Malmoe, Sweden (Minilogue live)
24/5 – Stockholm, Sweden (Minilogue live)
6/6 – Aix en provence, France (Minilogue live)
7/6 – Porto, Portugal (Minilogue live)
14/6 – Colone, Germany (Minilogue live)
18/6 – Barcelona, Spain (Minilogue live)
27/6 – Madrid, Spain (Minilogue live)
28/6 – Borlänge, Sweden (Minilogue live)

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