Macky Mad House Records

MMHR is a new Psy Trance label based in Italy.

Author: Dr FranZ MMHR
Date: Apr 17, 2008
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Founded by Dr FranZ in Dec 2007 has already three releases, le third will be out on the 25th of April 2008 being "New Skool", a 100% Italian product by Sismic, Pulsar and Father Michel. Previously released on the 8th of Feb 2008 Grooveydelika v 1 a full on compilation with unreleased tracks from the likes of Bamboo Forest, Liquidphase, Fraktal Noise, etc.  It then continued with New Caledonian artist Aeternal and his solo project; Visiosonic, out on the 29th of Feb.
NOW, MMHR has joined forces with Chaotic Waves, a psytrance cultural association and events organiser based in Milan, to grow these 2 entities together.
MMHR & CW are organising a party on the 26th of April to celebrate the third release, it will be in central Italy and Fraktal Noise, Sismic and Pulsar will be the live acts of the party.




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