Happy Birthday, LSD!

Author: Roberdo
Date: Apr 16, 2008
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Today 65 years back Dr. Albert Hofmann synthesized the first acid

It was exactly 65 years back when Dr. Albert Hofman synthesized LSD for the first time in his laboratory in Basel / Switzerland. By random he got in contact with the substance and experienced some "psychedelic state of mind" for the first time. He had the suspicion that this had to do with the new substance and so started his famous self- experiment 3 days later, which is also idol for the blotter design above. This date was definitely a crucial incident for the whole psychedelic movement in all its different forms and so also for the Psychedelic Trance scene. Happy Birthday, LSD!

Author: triki / Date: 22.04.2008 05:28:26

albert, you're the best...

happy happy

Author: wernerzen / Date: 18.04.2008 15:18:57

acid makes the world go round

Author: sam / Date: 16.04.2008 17:14:29

Thanks Albert, this was very kind of you to find this substance!

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