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Author: orlandooo
Date: Apr 29, 2008
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Örlandooo Things is an innovative project. Not only a fashion brand outside the mass production and mainstream circuits, but also including new technologies and our own solutions to the environment problems.

Following our spirit we have our website on a carbon neutral hosting service, we use only labels made by recyclated materials, and our social responsability leads us to work with local cooperatives, enterprises and little bussiness instead of making our work real in a factory. All our products are handmade by people in south and north india.

Every piece of clothing that you see in Örlandooo Things is a unique piece. It has been made by somebody very special and has its own name, birthday, family and history. The Live Clothing concept is what shows this uniqueness.

As we believe in little things, the intention of our work could be dissolved if it was made using the mass-production style. By this way, we can not produce large quantities, but this makes the difference:every cloth in Örlandooo Things, each piece in all of our designs, has a little detail that makes it a really unique piece in the whole world.

Perfection does not exists. The real value is in those little imperfections, which make us appreciate our differences. Welcome to our world…

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