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New mexican music ideas!!!

Author: om-q
Date: Mar 27, 2008
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Thanks spring has arrived, and with it a new collective from Mexico City spreading their wish to mix listening & visual arts of their own. Its name is Velika project.
Mainly focused on the musical stuff, Velika project had its origins in 2005, when their producers -Fidel Hernández and Omar Quan Kiú- met each other and begun to exchange ideas over musica & arts.
Both of them had already for those days a well-formed musical background, and also had participated in different projects that ranged from classical to experimental-rock. As technology and trends change fastly they felt the need to express what they knew, and what they could do with the "new" instruments required for a deeper & more experimental production, such as computers & synthesizers.
Fidel Hernández got involved in the electronic music scene with the collectives Pervert Project & Global THC, where he played his first live acts and dj sets under the same name. Before this, he participated in two jazz bands in production as well as playing keyboards.
Omar Quan Kiú comes from the classical background after studying piano professionally, as well as classical guitar & electric bass. At the same time he studied Schumann, he developed with other musicians the experimental rock project called Golem. The same way as Fidel felt it, he knew that the music composed was limited to their instruments. while there were a new world in production in the electronic music field. Working by himself, in 2005 he begun his solo project Om-q, focused on ambient & downtempo music; in this one can felt rock ellements colliding with electronic beats and melancholic tunes.
When they began to play together they just made long dj sets of tech & minimal trance, which was also the genre that their productions took. They also claimed for the need of a true live act, and not a preprogrammed session -as it is happening these days on many stages worldwide-. So don´t get surprised if you don´t listen to the material shown if they play live, because surely they had changed it already to a new one, or produced a new track in that session!!
With this principle, they decided to include the extra taste for the music: a sweet female voice. If music was not enough to switch the groove, surely Emily´s voice will cause that and more....
So one can define Velika live act as reeeaaaal slow tech-trance music, combined with ambient sections. Some call this experimental. I would say simply that is 100% enjoyable for relaxing -but not sleeping- and keeping on dancing.
And as I said, Velika project also shows some graphic art, which we find inspiring, and, of course, think it will be nice to share with you. The spelling produced by these works is from Daniel Riveroll.

You can find our music and graphical works at; visit us frequently, we will be changing the music often for showing you our art!!


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