Zuvuya III - The Gathering

Author: Omananda
Date: Mar 26, 2008
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Extensive report about the magical gathering at Palenque, Mexico by Omananda

On spring equinox when we arrived in Palenque, I experienced some weird strange phenomenon and I was not the only one! Waves of Energy, almost made me fall to the ground, by me loosing the balance. They were like waves of sound and time changes happened during that. This was the arrival feeling that I felt for about 2 hours. I was a bit baffled about that, not knowing what to make of it. However, when I spoke to a Native American Shaman he said he felt that too when he got here … he said that they are waves of portal energy, the Earth making love.

Find many pictures of the event @: www.nierika.info (in the gallery under events)

So; here is a quick but thorough report on the Zuvuya Gathering #3 that is presently happening in the epic Maya Site of Palenque, until this Monday. Monkey is putting on this event with a crew of Rainbow Warriors and excellent Goddesses who are working in a devotional and reliable manner, covering shifts to organize the various different Party Zones that stretch all over the beautiful land that has a direct view of the tomb of Pacal Votan, who rests in peace in the Temple-Ruins of Palenque, Mexico, Chiapas. Leon, the owner of the party-site is also called Devananda. He is connected to the vision of the Eagle and the Condor and he has rightfully not only trusted the real love-based efforts of Rocko, Monkey and their beautiful female counterparts who proof to be capable to pull something this amazing together, simply because they believe that they can do it.
Only being the first day into the festival, already on Main Stage we find beautifully decorated art-sculptures by famous decorators who have worked with the BOOM-Festival, Sea of Dreams, Shambala and other successful world known celebrations. Many musicians and artists came mainly from Canada, California, and Mexico. There is plenty of great camping here and the artists are all hosted in cabañas in the near-by jungle palace. Food and Drinks are provided via Rainbow kitchens to volunteers, workers, and artists in abundance. With positive attitude, anything can be done.
There are no alcohol sales onsite, which keeps this event out of trouble in many ways, especially energetically. Last night the party started with a sacred fire-circle that was lit by a local brujo (witch) and African drummers who showed up in the right time. They played great tribal rhythms with some people naked dancing around the fire. Thank god, not like in the BOOM, where I had to witness in 2006 people being kicked out of the festival instead of being cared for when they were too high, according to the judgement of the organizers and in that particular instant a naked nice person was dropped off at the "anti-BOOM" across the lake where people spent their time making another FREE festival. These are kids who are not admiteed. At Zuvuya3 people really could safely be themselves and also let go of also and I find that crucial to party environments.

However, after that fire was lit, a magic theatre with a medicine wheel made by Authentic Native North-American Denee, commonly known as Hopi, and Mexican Shamans made 13 woman represent the 13 lunar month and 28 men the days of the lunar cycle. Other people *200 in total in that ceremony symbolized the energy of the 52 weeks of the solar year. They all circled around each other, chanting mantras and prayers, before the main sound came on. This was exactly I found was missing in so many parties, a unity ceremony that made simple sense. Also in this prayer, the prphecy of the Eagle and the Condor was in harmony with this event and the spirits of the land were asked for permission to create the party here.
Proper opening and closing ceremonies in trance rituals with everyone in camp being present is quite necessary for an evolving party culture that does not want to fall into darkness and drug abuse. The effect of this opening ritual was cosmic unity right from the beginning, without the ingestion of any drugs, although some people really did enjoy the traditionally used local mushrooms that seem to grow all over the fields around us, but those are sacred medicines anyways.

All right; tonight I will VJ an incredible set and since I never really record my sets for the purpose to not interfere with the Magic that drives the ART. So; unfortunately nobody can experience the visuals tonight unless they would be here, and if you happen to be in the area you can still try to make it, because we have another 48 hours to go.Oh, yes, last night I did not VJ, because it was full moon and I believe that it is not so nice to make people watch TV all night, even if it is extremely psychedelic, because the real mysterious and most colorful vibrant visions really do happen when the attention and the focus are turned inside, although that requires the third eye to be wide open. But what am I saying? You probably know this already and who am I to give unsolicited advise? However, we are sending our best waves and wishes to everyone and everything from Palenque and Zuvuya3, especially to Basel, Albert Hofmann, and all the psychedelic pioneers and elders who are presently working towards the understanding and grand prophesized awakening, amplifying the truth-factor that will ultimately lead to the legal use of psychedelic substances all over EARTH, illuminating the ones who know the secret of how to use them wisely, in the right moments, at the right circumstances, such as Palenque that seems to be very right … NOW. (activating & elevating Earth-consciousness) ~ ONE Love,




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