Aiming at harmony in Chile

Author: Roberdo
Date: Feb 27, 2008
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Chilean trance scene began around 1993 thanks to the local pioneers who initially made full moon parties on Santiago de Chile mountains, trance was one of the most underground music scenes then.

Today the psy-trance scene in Chile is booming, renowned international artists have started to come to the country, many new DJ’s are appearing and new festivals like Monte Mapu, Outdoor and the classics like the Earthdance Festival are showing that psy-trance is here to stay. Also new musicians and producers are showing to the world their work like Moalact, Ovnimoon and Zybex to name a few.

We also have a variety of music; many substyles are enjoyed here like dark-psy, progressive, full-on and chillout. In the future, we hope that our scene grows even more filled with peace and love, but we are still far behind other countries and we want that harmony will be the main essence in our parties so in that way we can maintain the real psy-trance spirit.

For 2008 we hope the appearance of a new festival where many international artists perform. Monte Mapu festival will be one of the most important in Chile, showing clearly the evolution of trance music. On the other hand the musicians and producers that will be performing in Monte Mapu are releasing albums like Zybex (debut album with Moonsun Records) and Ovnimoon’s new project Stuardo is releasing his debut album on the progressive-electro style.

Chile has all types of climates; deserts, jungles, forests, beaches and mountains. And If you come from Europe it is also very cheap.






Text by Ovnimoon

DJ, Artist , A& R Sybergetic records.

”The systen that kill the Human Spirit, We show them that the human spirit is still alive.”



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