Second Soul Project

New Psytrance from Brazil

Author: Dj-dada
Date: Feb 25, 2008
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Second Soul was the name chosen to be the alias of this Brazilian duo. The Second Soul was born in 2007, as a idea, that would become reality a few months later, in Amsterdam in the Netherlands. Both Alex (21) and Bruno (21) came to Amsterdam to study music and sound engineering at the renowned SAE Institute. Both have musical background either playing in bands or playing instruments since early age.


Bruno (Dj Dada) began to listen Psychedelic Trance at the age of 15, in 2002. In the end of the same year, he already played at home and at friend’s parties. When he turned 18, Dada moved to Brighton (UK), where he lived for 2 years. In the old continent, he played in many parties and after parties. Always actualized and interested to improve his skills in the music area, Dj Dada, began to produce and is studying Audio Engineering. Alex (Dj Alex T.) always had a certain affection with electronic music. Since his 13 years of age, his interest was woken with the explosion of house and dance music. Finally in 2001, Alex found Goa Trance, and subsequently Psychedelic Trance, getting passionate for this unique sound. Music became part of his habits and interests, consuming most of his time, and in 2006 he started to produce his own tracks. Now in 2008 he is living in Amsterdam with Dj Dada and both are studying music and audio engineering at SAE Institute Amsterdam, in Holland. Second Soul was born with the idea of bringing something new but yet with a lot of influences from GoaTrance and Psychedelic Trance in the years of 2002, 2003. The sound is recognize by groundbreaking Bass Lines, intelligent percussion, along with morning melodies and hi-tech synths. These guys want to bring back what is forgotten and inovate more each day, learning, producing and amazing whoever listen to this tunes!

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