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Author: Rikam
Date: Jan 30, 2008
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Hello, i would like to introduce DJ Rikam profile, a dj from Neurobiotic and Tech Safari productions in Montreal, Canada!





Rikam (a.k.a. Erik Amyot) is one of the leading psychedelic-trance DJs in North America. Since 1994, he’s also one of the most respected psychedelic-trance party organizers in Canada. Rikam is an electronic-music lover. He founded eXpérience productions in 1994 and Tech Safari in 2002. He first encountered techno, acid-house and acid-trance music in the early 1990s and started collecting his first vinyl records. He first discovered goa trance parties around 1994. Following his passion for this new music and new energy and his desire to share it, he produced the first psytrance, goa-trance and techno parties in Trois-Rivières (Quebec) with eXpérience productions. After leaving Trois-Rivières for Montreal, as a party organizer in 1997 he transformed the electronic scene with some massive goa-trance parties made possible through eXperience productions, and collaborated extensively with French artist DJ Nivoc from Ascend records. Rikam has produced techno and trance events ranging from 500 to 3,500 attendees and enabled Quebecers to discover artists such as Tony Puglia, Sid Shanti, Tsuyoshi Suzuki, Andre from TIP, Bansi, Goa Gill, Akira from Japan, India Drop (Purple Oz), Mat BOOM!, and many others... 1999 was a turning point for Erik and his DJ career, as the promoter also became a renowned and appreciated DJ in the Canadian arena, playing at many large gatherings and parties like Shambhala festival (British Columbia), Arrival and Natura festivals (Quebec), Om festival (Ontario), Harvest festival (Ontario), Music of the spheres (Morocco), Jungle Lunatic (Mexico), Omni dance festival, Alladin party and Orb festival (USA). Rikam has also played with Infected Mushroom at the famous Aria nightclub in Montreal! In 2003, with the Tech Safari team, he organized the first international outdoor psytrance festival in Canada: Eclipse Summer Trance Festival. Only one year later, Rikam and the Tech Safari collective created a new series of parties called “Amazone” in different locations throughout Montreal. Rikam is now a key element in the development of emerging psytrance culture in North America, and especially in Canada, where he is both DJ and instigator. He's played alongside renowned artists such as Ido Ophir, Hallucinogen, D-Nox, Beckers, Deedrah, Koxbox, Transwave, Domestic, Talamasca, GMS, Absolum, Wizzy Noise, Ticon, Dino Psaras, X-Dream, Protoculture, Pixel, The Delta, OTT, James Monro, Son Kite, Joti Sidhu, Wrecked Machines, Vibrasphere, and many others. In 2005, after a set by DJ Edoardo at Tech Safari’s legendary monthly Amazone gatherings in Montreal, Rikam became the North-American representative for Italian Neurobiotic Records, a label managed by DJ Edoardo and represented by artists such as Joti Sidhu, Bamboo Forest, Zen Mechanics, Earthling, Silicon Sound, Altom, Polaris, Panick, PTX, DJ Psychotrop and many more. Rikam is a versatile, open-minded DJ. He can mix night and day, as his powerful sets offer a mixture of intelligent psychedelic sounds and original grooves with progressive rhythms and s hypnotic atmosphere ranging from 135 to 145 BPMs. He also has a particular interest for new psychedelic and minimal techno and progressive electro music ranging 125 to 130 BPMs. Info booking / DJ set: / (msn) (more info and top 10 2009)


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